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1 VOLUME 1 (BNQT), MY LOVE DIVINE DEGREE (Cody ChestnuTT), BROKEN FLOWERS (Nev Cottee) : L'union fait la force DATE_FORMAT_LC1
2 LILIES (Mélanie De Biaso), UNDIVIDED HEART & SOUL (JD McPherson), TAKE ME APART (Kelela) : Dans le caméléon, tout est bon DATE_FORMAT_LC1
3 PAINTED RUINS (Grizzly Bear), LOW IN HIGH SCHOOL (Morrissey), MONTREUIL-MENPHIS (Sansévérino) : Sur la route de Montreuil DATE_FORMAT_LC1
4 VILLAINS (Queens of the Stone Age), SHADOWS AND REFLECTIONS (Marc Almond), HEARTS THAT STRAINS (Jake Bugg) : Jeunesse passe DATE_FORMAT_LC1
5 CARRY FIRE (Robert Plant), MUSIC FOR PEOPLE IN TROUBLE (Suzanne Sundfor), HIPPOPOTAMUS (Sparks) : Vieux pots, jeune plante DATE_FORMAT_LC1
6 A LA FOLIE (Naive New Beaters), ADIOS SENOR PUSSYCAT (Michael Head), ANTICYCLONE (Raphael) : Folie douce DATE_FORMAT_LC1
7 CIGARETTES AFTER SEX (Cigarettes After Sex), HOW WEST WAS WON (Peter Perrett), DARK MATTER (Randy Newman) : Jazz is in the air DATE_FORMAT_LC1
8 AMERICANA (Ray Davies), PARTY (Aldous Harding), SINCERLY, FUTURE POLLUTION (Timber Timbre) : Gentillesses DATE_FORMAT_LC1
9 SLOWDIVE (Slowdive), IN MIND (Real Estate), RIPE DREAMS, PIPE DREAMS (Cameron Avery) : Le poids des mots DATE_FORMAT_LC1
10 SEMPER FEMINA (Laura Marling), THE NAVIGATOR (Hurray for the Riff Raff), THE LAST WALTZ (The Band) : Hurray ! DATE_FORMAT_LC1
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