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21 CHANGES (Charles Bradley), EMPIRE BUILDER (Laura Gibson), THE SHIP (Brian Eno) : Le grand Charles DATE_FORMAT_LC1
22 DERNIER ROUND (Kool Shen), MALAMORE (The Liminanas), VISION OF US ON THE LAND (Damien Jurado) : La partie vaut bien le tout DATE_FORMAT_LC1
23 HOPELESSNESS (Anohni), THE HOPE SIX DEMOLITION PROJECT (PJ Harvey), LITTLE WINDOWS (Teddy Thompson et Kelly Jones) : Assiette britannique DATE_FORMAT_LC1
24 SEBOLAVY (Mickey 3D), WEEZER (THE WHITE ALBUM) (Weezer), EMILY'S D+EVOLUTION (Esperanza Spalding) : Valeurs sûres et jolie rencontre DATE_FORMAT_LC1
25 NEW VIEW (Eleanor Friedberger), LES CONQUETES (Radio Elvis), EVERYTHING YOU'VE COME TO EXPECT (The Las Shaddow Puppets) : Du solide ! DATE_FORMAT_LC1
26 DISTANCE INBETWEEN (The Coral), FOR THE YOUNG (Anna Ternheim), NEW MISERY (Cullen Omori) : Ce petit rien qui manque DATE_FORMAT_LC1
27 SECRET IN THE DARK (Monika), JESU/SUN KIL MOON (Jesu/Sun Kill Moon), WHO SOLD MY GENERATION (Night Beauts) : Allons voir chez les Grecques DATE_FORMAT_LC1
28 BLACK RECORD (Rocket From the Tombs), IT'S A HOLIDAY SOUL PARTY (Shanon Jones), LOVE (Get Well Soon) : Soul de Noël DATE_FORMAT_LC1
29 THE TIES THAT BIND (Bruce Springsteen), FREE AS A BIRD (Soom T), WEST KIRBY COUNTY PRIMARY (Bill Ryder Jones) : Légende et découverte énergique DATE_FORMAT_LC1
30 BLACKSTAR (David Bowie), CUBIST BLUES (Alain Vega, Alex Chilton et Ben Vaughn), SO THERE (Ben Folds) : Sortie ratée DATE_FORMAT_LC1
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