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51 CHANGE BECOME US (Wire), READY TO DIE (Iggy and the Stooges), A BAD WIND BLOWS IN MY HEART (Bill Ryder-Jones) : Vieux routiers et jeune pousse DATE_FORMAT_LC1
52 RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES (Daft Punk), GHOST ON GHOST (Iron and Wine), HEAD IN THE DIRT (Hanni El Khatib) : Moyennement lucky DATE_FORMAT_LC1
53 MONOMANIA (Deerhunter), ONCE I WAS AN EAGLE (Laura Marling), CONTRA (Vampire Week-end) : Les canards sont sains et saufs DATE_FORMAT_LC1
54 YA NASS (Yasmina Hamdan), LIKE CLOCKWORK (Queens of the Stone Age), TROUBLE WILL FIND ME (The National) : Soigné n'est pas jouer DATE_FORMAT_LC1
55 TWAIN (Rebecca Martin), LIGHT UP GOLD (Parquet Courts), SUPER FORMA (Orval Carlos Sibelius) : Dans le rétro DATE_FORMAT_LC1
56 SWING LO MAGELLAN (Dirty Projectors), ABOUT FAREWELL (Alela Diane), M B V (My Bloody Valentine) : Decrescendo DATE_FORMAT_LC1
57 REGIONS OF LIGHT AND SOUND OF GOD (Jim James), BIG INNER (Matthew E White), THE NEXT DAY (David Bowie) : Bowie forever DATE_FORMAT_LC1
58 CONCORDE ((Please) Don't Blame Mexico), MY TRUE STORY (Aaron Neville), WONDERFUL, GLOURIOUS (Eels) : Constance DATE_FORMAT_LC1
59 CELEBRATION DAY (Led Zeppelin), BLAK AND BLU (Gary Clarck Jr), WE ARE THE 21ST AMBASSADORS OF PEACE & MAGIC (Foxygen) : Dans le rétro DATE_FORMAT_LC1
60 LET IT ALL IN (I am Kloot), DON'T BE A STRANGER (Mark Eitzel), VERNET LES BAINS (Cali) : Suivez les voix DATE_FORMAT_LC1
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