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61 TEMPEST (Bob Dylan), ALLELUJAH ! DON'T BEND ! ASCEND ! (Goodspeed You ! Black Emperor), LIFE IS PEOPLE (Bill Fay) : Majeur mineur DATE_FORMAT_LC1
62 THE LOST TAPES (Can), BOY'S DON'T CRY (Rumer), IL (M) : Loin des sommets DATE_FORMAT_LC1
63 THE MARBLE DOWNS (Trembling Belles et Bonnie Prince Billy), MOTHERS AND TYGERS (Emily Loizeau), RATS (Balthazar) : Simples mélodies DATE_FORMAT_LC1
64 THIS MACHINE (The Dandy Wharols), STANDING AT THE SKY'S EDGE (Richard Hawley), BOYS AND GIRLS (Alabama Shakes) : Welcome in Alabama ! DATE_FORMAT_LC1
65 BLUNDERBUSS (Jack White), THIS IS PIL (Pil), WHAT WE SAW FROM THE CHEAP SEATS (Regina Spektor) : Valeur sûre ! DATE_FORMAT_LC1
66 AMERICANA - LIVE RUST (Neil Young et Crazy Horse), TIME'S ALL GONE (Nick Waterhouse), LITTLE BROKEN HEARTS (Norah Jones) : Rien ne vaut 79... DATE_FORMAT_LC1
67 ANYWHERE (anywhere), BANGA (Patti Smith), A JOYFUL NOISE (Gossip) : Avec ou sans voix DATE_FORMAT_LC1
68 ONE DAY I AM GOING TO SOAR (Dexys), ENDLESS FLOWERS (Crocodiles), NARROW (Soap and Skin) : Découverte, découverte DATE_FORMAT_LC1
69 ROVER (Rover), THE SOMETHING RAIN (Tindersticks), AN AWESOME WAVE (Alt-J) : Ambiance anecdotique DATE_FORMAT_LC1
70 SONIK KICKS (Paul Weller), THE FAMILY TREE - THE ROOTS (Radical Face), WRECKING BALL (Bruce Springsteen) : Les vieux routiers vous saluent DATE_FORMAT_LC1
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